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Semi finished apartments 188m for sale in Zayed Regency Sheikh Zayed

Reference: NS 106146
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Semi finished apartments 188m for sale in Zayed Regency Sheikh Zayed

NS 106146
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Finishing Status:
Semi Finished
188 sqm
Sat 1 Apr 2023
About Zayed Regency Sheikh Zayed

3 Bedrooms Apartment for Sale in Zayed Regency Sheikh Zayed By Dunes Capital Group

As a doctor, my main concern is always the health and well-being of my patients. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful community of Zayed Regency Sheikh Zayed in Egypt and was impressed with the advancements they have made in promoting healthy living.

One in particular caught my attention - the innovative compound called Zayed Regency Sheikh Zayed, which is specially designed to cater to the health and wellness of its residents.

The compound features state-of-the-art facilities for those looking to lead a healthy lifestyle, including a fully equipped gym and outdoor fitness area, swimming pool for aquatic exercise, and a beautifully landscaped walking and jogging track.

In addition, Zayed Regency Sheikh Zayed also includes a range of other health-focused amenities such as an on-site clinic, pharmacy, and nutritional counseling services. This holistic approach to healthcare is truly remarkable, and it's clear that the community is committed to providing residents with everything they need to stay healthy, happy, and active.

Beyond the health benefits, Zayed Regency Sheikh Zayed is also an incredibly beautiful and luxurious community, boasting stunning architecture and green spaces. This combination of health and beauty makes it an ideal place to live for those looking to improve their quality of life and enjoy a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Overall, the compound of Zayed Regency Sheikh Zayed is doing an excellent job of promoting wellness and health in the community. As a doctor, I applaud their efforts and believe that this model can be replicated in other communities around the world to help people lead healthier, happier lives.


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